Posted by: ionlife | July 30, 2008

Beware of fake water ionizer comparison sites!

Compare Water Ionizers?
What you See may NOT be What you Get

Jupiter Science water ionizers have been sold in the USA since 1995 and recently the great success of IonLife, as the industry leaders, has resulted in many new water ionizers
Because new players have little to lose and posssibly a lot to gain it is very tempting to put up a good looking site that compare water ionizers, then manipulate, cover-up or not reveal facts and figures to fool the unwary.
IonLife has been, and is, happy to let our customers and dealers speak for themselves. But there comes a time when it is necessary to get involved on another level.

As an example of what is NOT a true, independent site, comparing water ionizers, please go to
Is it obvious who put up this site and for what purpose?
Are you told this is not an unbiased compare water ionizer site because it is owned and run by Life Ionizers?
And why are the only links on the home page to Gold Fox (a non-competing low end model) and Kangen (a not for retail/wholesale MLM company)?

Next click on the link that goes to the comparison chart.
Did you expect or hope that the information here would be unbiased and accurate?
And do you see here that Life Ionizers has changed “manufacturer” three times since 2007?

Now please click on the Independent Comparison Lab Tests button on the compare water ionizer site or Click Here
These compare water ionizer tests were apparently run on hard water (where the pH is high to start with) and apparently show the Orion and Athena hardly able to change the pH at all, unlike the Life Ionizer unit that gets an impressive 10.9 pH.
Well, we know these results are not true because:

    a) The Orion and Aquarius are exactly the same ionizer inside yet somehow give a 7.9 and 9.3 using the same water. 

    b) IonLife would not be in business as the leading ionizing company with over 600 dealers in USA plus Agents in about 28 other countries if we did not get great results in pH, ORP and reliability. We know Jupiter Science ionizers compare well to any other brand and with the patented DARC cleaning system we know our ionizers will keep performing like new for many years after others have failed due to buildup and breakdown of the plates etc.

    c) Do a web search for dealers that sell Jupiter models and other models. Ask them what they think of Jupiter and what results they have achieved.


Now read on … this gets interesting!So, on July 22, 2008, we decided to call Aquatic Consulting & Testing Inc to see how these test results that compare water ionizers were obtained. The technician, we spoke to, knew about the ionizer tests and told us that he was never sent any ionizers!.
Instead what he was sent were water samples in the mail, by a dealer of Life Ionizers, with the name of the ionizers on the outside!!! He did what he was asked to do and now what you see is what Life Ionizers wants you to see.

So when you look at videos that show a man in a white lab coat testing ionizers or see performance charts or read about this company being the biggest and best then please ask qustions and check around. We will happily provide evidence to back up everything we say on our site.

Allow us to show you why:
Jupiter Science is the most popular ionizer brand in the USA.
Our customer service and support is second to none.
Our ionizers are the best available – regardless of price.
Our return rate is the lowest in the industry.
Our customer satisfaction rating is the highest in the industry.

And thank you for giving us this chance to help level the playing field.


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