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Why is a farce!!

What to do with “Compare Ionizer” Sites. is up on deck first. We took that direct URL and are dissecting and giving YOU the tools to battle these site and really educate your customers. These sites, and ionizersreviewed are great marketing sites, but very innaccurate and NOT educational in a way beneficial for the consumer. This is a sneak peak, but we have a LOT more coming your way so you can refute these sites and point out the huge errors. Anyway, we know they are out there and we’re tired of them paying for people to click on these misleading sites. We’re doing something about it! So, here’s an appetizer and we’ve got more on the way.


On the site, we diessected the text, but there are a couple HUGE points that we want to make and will provide with more info later!


1. The Independent Lab Comparison

THEY WERE SENT THE WATER SAMPLES! They did not actually test the machines, they tested the water they were sent. They have no idea where the water came from, they just tested based on what someone sent into them! Wow, so they don’t know the water source, just were told the labels and to measure. Hmm, next question is who owns this site? 2/3 links to go LIFE Ionizers . . . do the investigative work. . this in itself is a huge de-valuing point for you to educate your potential customers with!


2. That Mesh Plate Technology link on their comparison site. Guess who they copied that from? AND, ours are sprayed for even coating. It’s the best technology, don’t let anyone tell you it’s not the best way. There was extensive testing done.


** ok – here’s a freebie. . . size and number of plates matter only to a certain point. The results are what matter. Bigger is not always better in the world of water ionizer. Shall we say Quality over Quantity?!


black normal text = them

red italic text = commentary

“Compare Ionizers – your best online resource for researching and comparing alkaline water ionizers”

FALSE – This is far from accurate comparative analysis. Below are a few reasons why this site appears to be fair, but really is designed to trick those uninformed about ionizers. First off, of the three pictures below, 2/3 are links to URL’s/LIFE Ionizers owned companies. The third is Enagic’s. They did’t send to because Enagic has a scary sticker price. . . their tactic is to send to the scariest competitor with the highest price tag so the consumer runs right back to LIFE Ionizers.

LIFE Ionizers owned URL LIFE IONIZERS owned URL Enagic URL

“Recently there has been a lot of talk about the unique and health-giving benefits of Kangen water. This interest in Kangen water coincided with the push into the Alkaline water market by the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company Enagic.This article is written with the intention to address some of what is been said on other web sites and in public meetings, so that customers wanting the best value for their money, are able to make an informed opinion about “Kangen water” without the hype.”

This is ok. Kangen water is coined by Enagic dealers, but it just describes the water. The general public gets Kangen and Enagic confused because of the branding shroud. Be sure when talking to potential customers to explain to them that all ionizers make “Kangen” water, it’s “Enagic” that is the MLM company.

*Please study the details before you buy your Alkaline Water Ionizer.
This will let you know what functions and capabilities your Ionizer must have to provide you with healthy water for optimized health.

Yes. Customers should be informed, but in the correct manners.

What to look for when purchasing an Alkaline Water Ionizer:

  • Check the pH levels the machine can attain. Although you may not drink water at this high a pH, it means improved performance when your source water is a low pH.

If you refer to the last newsletter, any machine that gives you an automatic reading for pH is “lying” to you. Almost every pH meter is designed to be re-calibrated after each use + measure in standing water. Ionizer meters that can read a 10.4 or 10.5 on the flow pretty much miss the mark.

  • Check the type and number of filters. The purification and filtration of the water is very important.

½ True. Filtration is VERY important however, it’s not the # of filters that is the key. Ingredients inside the filter + size of microns + outcome is the most important. Jupiter Science has high high grade tourmaline, calcium, and a granular activated carbon media for intense chlorine removal. 2 filters doesn’t matter if one filter can do just as well. In the current race for improved technologies, smaller and more efficient seems to be the trend. Example? Look at Apple™ and their latest pencil thin notebook. Sometimes smaller is better.

  • Check the date the machine was upgraded. This indicates the advanced technologies are incorporated.

Fair. Also consider what components are in the machine and who is making/or assembling the ionizers. If a company produces a product updated yesterday but is running behind on technology, it really doesn’t matter. A reputable company with great service is just as important.

  • Check the type of chlorine removal system. The better filters reduce the chlorine more efficiently
  • Check the installation options. You want a full choice of options for installing – counter top to faucet; counter top connecting under the sink; under sink installation with all controls on the faucet

You will know best what type of machine you want. IonLife is introducing an under the counter adapter to work with multiple Jupiter Science machines and ALSO some of our competition. Ha! Get that, people who have countertop models from our competitors will be able to purchase IonLife’s adapter! Go us and Geoff Poole ( Our VP of Technology )

  • Check how long has the distributor been around. This can give you a sense of how stable the company is, so you know they will back the warranty offered

( Hmm, this true but misleading. Most of web faces you see out there are dealers of the distributor. Jupiter Science and IonLife have been paired for a while and we are more financially stable than any other distributor in the industry. We have 3 repair depots, on-site technicians who are VERY well trained, and backing by a manufacturer that supplies over 60% of the world’s water ionizers. Top that!

Value means Quality
Value means shopping with a company that has been established worldwide to provide you with the best quality products with the best results and the best prices.

Value is Value and Quality is Quality, but for all purposes. IonLife and Jupiter Science provides VALUE AND QUALITY!


Get the real story about why the compare ionizers sites that are up, are bad!

(800) 875-9025 ext. 0683 or ext. 0748



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