Posted by: ionlife | July 17, 2008


Offer Financing to Your Customers OR Purchase Ionizers!

That’s right! We told you there were big summer changes and sure enough, we now have financing capabilities. You can now leverage this to your potential customers who do not have cash on-hand. Check out the rates you see below that we will be able to offer our customers!

• Low Minimum Monthly Payment- (2% of Balance)
• No Payment No Interest Programs • No Pre-Payment Penalty
• 17.9% Interest Rate for Homeowners
• 21% Interest Rate for Renters Options:
3 Months No Interest No Payment
6 Months No Interest No Payment
1 Year No Interest No Payment
*** You will absorb the financing costs, but it’s minimal compared to lost revenue. This financing program will help you sell sell sell! Especially with our current economical affairs, and households with limited cash, this is perfect timing and the perfect solution. Who can say no?! Want to be approved now? Apparently you’ll know within 15-30 minutes from the online application. Then, you’ll have a hard copy to sign – takes a little more time then instant in-motion and fax, but we’re legitimate and with a company who considers all factors of your score and situation!
Or you can call or e-mail your account representatives for details and tips how to present this to your customers.
Toll Free (800)875-9025
Rudy Altamarano
Tycho Robertson

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