Posted by: ionlife | July 16, 2008

Jupiter Aquarius Specs!

Model Name and Number Aquarius JP109
No.610 South Korean M. H & Welfare Yes
5 Year Warranty + 60 Satisfact.Policy Yes
Ionization Features
pH Range Acidic to Alkaline Below 4 Acidic to Over 11 Alkaline
ORP Range ( Anti-oxidant) -850 ORP (tested)
pH Settings 48 Total (8 Levels x’s 6 Options)
Water Flow 3Liters/3.17 Quarts/1 Min.
Plates Manufactored Japan
Electrode Materials (Plates) Platinum Mesh Coated Titanium
Electrode Size (Plate Size) 67*109*.5 mm
Mineral Port & Optional Usage Yes
Cleaning Features
Internal Cleaning Automatic Cleaning System
Frequency of Cleaning Simultaneous
Wait While The Ionizer Cleans No
Stops Scaling On Plates Yes – Automatic
Display Features
Display Voice Confirm and Digital Indicator
MICOM Control System Yes
Flow Rate Control Patented SOL Valve
Flow Rate Indicator Yes
Hot Water and Low Flow Alarm Yes
Installation Options
Connects Directly to Tap Yes
Installation Options 2
Filter Features
Filter Life Indicator LCD – Module
Filter Type – Korean FDA Certified 9-Stage Biostone G.A.Carbon
Filter Media Carbon,Calcium,Tourmaline, Etc.
Filter in Microns .1 (25k mic’s/1″) OR .01(250k mic’s/1″)
Filter Life Duration 1400-1600 Gal’s or Ave. 8-12 Months
Technical Data
Dimension 245x130x330 (mm)
Weight Approx. 6-6.5kg ( about 17 lbs.)
Water Inflow Pressure .7-5kgf/cm4/ 1.5-11 lbs.
Consumption .5A
Applicable Water Temperature 5-30C
Input Voltage AC110V/220V/240V
Power Saving- Lowest Level 80W
Overheating Protection Bimetal
Electrical Supply Transformer
Price – US Dollars 1795
Warranty & Satisfaction Policy
Warranty Life 5 Years
Satisfaction Policy 60 Days
Customer Service 3 USA Depots, Full Technical Full CS

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