Posted by: ionlife | July 13, 2008

IonLife’s Project Africa

An Important Message from Jay Hare,
President & CEO of IonWays

As a water industry professional, I have been invited to join the Healing Bridges Foundation, on a humanitarian mission to the refugee camps in Kassala, Sudan.

I have a vision to help; you can join with me to make my vision a reality.

In developing countries almost 80% of illness is water related. Unsafe water creates high risk for a host of diarrheal and other diseases as well as chemical intoxication. Unsanitary water has particularly devastating effects on young children in the developing world. Each year, 2 million people, mostly children less than 5 years of age, die of diarrheal disease. We can make a difference. Please continue to read about our progress, experience and goodwill as IonLife contributes to a worthwhile cause.

Become part of our family and contact us for more information.

Or if interested Click This Link to get sent off to the full appeal letter. The letter also has the link where people can donate.

Thank you for caring.
Sincerely, Jay Hare


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