Posted by: ionlife | July 1, 2008


In an effort to preserve our environment IonLife is turning green! We now recycle our packaging, buy green products, working on reusable replacement filters and using paperless ways to communicate such as this blog.

We encourage you to be environmentally conscience and help better our world. Below are a few simple suggestions we can easily do on a daily basis: 1. Turn off your computer at night – it can use the same amount of electricity as a refridgerator. 2. Don’t use plastic bags if you can help it as they are difficult and expensive to recycle. 3. Buy re-cycled products such as printing paper, carboard boxes, paper towels, toilet paper, paper cups etc. Paper products are preferrable for the environment and recycling over plastic products. 4. Use eco-friendly products that don’t emit harmful chemicals (air fresheners, cleaning supplies, etc. ) 5. Drink alkaline water in glass bottles to eliminate the use of plastic bottles (bad for our health, environment and very difficult to recycle).

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