Posted by: ionlife | June 19, 2008

Plastics, Waters, and Your Overall Health

Have you heard the buzz about ALKALINE IONIZED WATER?

We know there are pharmaceuticals in our water according to multiple AP Reuters reports, we know health concerns resurfaced over a chemical used in hard-plastic polycarbonate water bottles, we know there’s a whole bunch of organizations against municipal water fluoridation, but what’s with the buzz about alkaline ionized water?! It’s the latest craze that’s been around for decades, mostly in Southeast Asia, but Americans are now buying the machines that make this water by the tens of thousands each year. Why?

Did you know that what you drink affects your health and wellness? Even WATERS are different and can affect your body in various ways. Here are 5 critical “Did you know?” pointers you should definitely be familiar with.

1. Alkaline ionized water can hydrate up to 6x’s more and have double the oxygen levels than many bottled or tap waters ( faster hydration and delivery of oxygen to cells)

2. Distilled water is vaporized “dead” water without energetic properties, without nutrients and stripped of natural minerals.

3. Alkaline ionized water is recognized as a more powerful anti-oxidant than most natural fruits and vegetables with ORP’s ( detox power) greater than -750

4. Doctors, nurses, health practitioners, naturopaths, athletes, and hundreds of thousands of people across the globe drink alkaline ionized water for wellness against acidity, digestive health, diabetes, cancers, diseases, and many other ailments as well as accelerated hydration.

5. Many tap waters contain pharmaceuticals levels of bacteria’s, chlorine, iron, lead, fluoride, and arsenic!

Wow. While these points definitely make an impact, there’s so much more that you may not be aware of. IonLife, Inc, is dedicated to educating about water safety and healthy water consumption, while providing an affordable solution for families. We can help you figure out how to:

*Create water at home from your own kitchen sink while alkalizing your body for better wellness and with faster hydration

*Avoid using plastic bottles or the high sticker price for bottled waters AND still get purified, alkaline, ionized, anti-oxidant (detoxification) wellness water

*Use the water you create from your tap as an astringent, disinfectant, and sterilization product.

We’d love to share with you more. We are happy to access your municipal water source and advise what contaminants and elements are in your water. The buzz is worth the e-mail, the call, or the live chat to find out what may save you money, time, health, and ultimately, your happiness. It’s a big deal and we’ve got some big information and our goal is to promote happiness and wellness.

Thanks so much! We hope to share with you soon what we’ve learned!


Direct Phone = (800) 875-9025 ext. 2016 & ext. 2007


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