Posted by: ionlife | June 3, 2008


Why buy a Jupiter Science
Alkaline Water Ionizer?

In 1982, Jupiter Science moved from manufacturing medical equipment to the production of quality alkaline water ionizers.
Over twenty five years later, Jupiter continues to lead the industry
in research and development and product reliability.

As ionization grows in popularity there are many new manufacturers offering many new models which makes choosing that much harder.
Please be aware that:

  • Jupiter Science is the number one manufacturer of water ionizers in the world and US markets.
  • Jupiter Science manufactures all their ionizing chambers in their research facility in Japan. This facility employes about 20 PHDs. All other companies in Korea claiming to be manufactures are just assemblers, importing their cells into Korea from China.
  • Jupiter has been manufacturing cutting edge, quality ionizers since 1982. Their latest models (Orion and Aquarius) contain another 3 new patented devices.
  • Jupiter models consistently outperform the competition and always offer proven and valuable features – not gimmicks.
  • Jupiter models have the lowest return rate in the industry.
  • Jupiter’s sales and customer support capabilities are unparalleled, offering you top notch pre and post sales support. Only IonLife offers service and sales on both the East and West coasts, 5 year warranty on ALL models and 2 months return policy.
  • Jupiter Science has been selling in the USA markets for over 12 years – the next oldest company has been only 3 years in the US market.
  • Jupiter models carry the most certifications in the industry – UL, CE, ISO9001 (and soon will include NSF). Only Jupiter models come with a USA produced installation DVD, free pH test kit and manual.
  • Only IonLife offers a Verisign secured shopping cart.

Please research well before you make this long-term investment for your health as there are many models on the market today.
We are confident that once you have done your homework, you’ll see why Jupiter is America’s number one choice.


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